Three ways of adding users manually

A. Adding users one by one in the user_admin view
B. Letting the students create their accounts using the attend code
C. Importing multiple users using the excel file import.

A. Adding users one by one in the "Admin" view
  1. Click on the "Admin" in the Dugga menu bar.
  1. Click on "Admin"

2. Click on ‘Add’ under ‘Users’ in the ‘Administration’ section

  1. Click on "Add"

3. Enter relevant information about the user and click save.

  1. Enter information

B. Letting students create their accounts using the attend code
  1. Create an exam.
  1. Create exam

2. Add an information block or a Dummy question and save the exam.

  1. Add Information block

3. Click ‘Add examinatition date’

  1. Add examination date

4. Enter a name and a timeslot for the ‘exam’
5. Click on the two checkboxes under ‘Allow participants to attend by entering a code’

  1. Enter Name and time

6. Edit the text in the cover page.
7. Let all other options be in the default mode
8. Click ‘Save exam event’
9. Provide your students with this link and the attend code that was generated in Dugga (in this example it was CREA-B3A3-7C7B, do not reuse this specific code. It was is just an example)

  1. Save exam event

  1. When the students clicks on the link they will be able to see this page where they can enter their personal info and the account will be created.
  1. Student enter personal information

C. Importing multiple users using the excel file import
  1. Click on the Admin tab in the teachers view
    2. Click on the link * Import file to upload the exel file to be filled out
    3. Also check out the example * Example file
    4. Enter the info in the excelfile
    Some additional advice and explanations on how to fill in the Excel file in the best way:
    • It has proven to be a good idea to call the classes the year that was when the class started in school, e.g. 7A is called 18A. In this way, the class can retain its name over the years and you do not have to move the students to a new class when it becomes a new school year.
    • The teacher is not linked to any class
    • A student MUST belong to at least one class / group
    • A student can belong to several classes / groups. Put a comma between the names of the classes
    • Two classes can have the same name in two different schools.
    • In the Role column, the valid values ​​are: teacher, student or user_admin
    • All columns must be in the document even if they are empty, ie the column "Social security number" must be included even if it is empty.
    • Columns cannot be added.

5. Click on the link and validate the file before you import it into Dugga
6. When the file is validated you can upload it to Dugga by clicking on the ‘Choose file’ button. Select your file and click ‘Import’.

  1. Click import