New functionality 2020-02-28

  • In formative assessment we have changed so that if you have levels E, C, A in the test and choose that a question will be assessed at C level then the possible result on that question will be C or E.
  • The multiple-choice question has been expanded with a function that means that as a teacher, you do not need to let the students know how many correct answers are required. Incorrect answers, or missing correct answers will cause minus points on that question. However, the student can never get fewer points than zero.
  • We have introduced a function for user_admins to imitate users in the school in which you are active. Go to the Admin tab, select a user and click on "Imitate users".
  • Optimization of correction of samples, when making comments directly in the student's text. This optimization will have further improvements in upcoming releases.
  • The ability to create ZIP files of students' exams has been removed.
  • Improvements in PDF files.

New functionality 2020-02-12

  • Improvements to the manual spelling check for students
  • Now it is possible to start an exam that has no security without the teacher having to unlock the test between times.

New functionality 2020-01-24

  • In the text editor in the essay question, full screen mode has been changed to A4 format on the width
  • There are now seven colors to choose from when writing comments in the correction function
  • When a student has problems with the Internet, a warning will be displayed to the student. This function can be switched on and off depending on what the school / municipality itself wants. Notify Dugga support
  • The exams that are shared with all teachers at a school will now appear under the File tab, in "Edit Exam".
  • When the student looks at their hand-ins in the student interface, the time for when the hand-in was started and when it was handed in is shown.
  • The login page is adapted to the Web standard WCAG 2.1
  • In the teacher's "Grade exam", the exams are divided into tabs to easily find the exam you want to work with.
  • Rubric matrices can be shared with specific teachers.
  • In the ”Edit exam” page, the Level field has been deleted.
  • When “Grading”, if the teacher chooses to correct one question at a time, there is a quick navigation so that one can move between the assignments in a smooth way. As well as see which submissions are ready for the specific question.
  • Improvements in the management of Test Response files.
  • Dutch is allowed in ReadSpeaker.
  • You can set languages per user in the user's profile.

New functionality 2019-12-23

  • You can specify the language that users want to use in the profile page.
  • More text is displayed when creating / changing an exam.
  • When adding students to an exam event, the students' e-mail address is displayed if you hover over their name.
  • The start code now appears immediately when you create an exam event.
  • The "All" tab under "Edit exams" has changed its name to "My", which means that you only see the exams that you have created under that tab.

New functionality 2019-12-20

  • Replaced Polish with Dutch in ReadSpeaker.
  • Immersive Reader is now available for each question type.
  • Now it is possible to create a comment without having to enter a character or words.
  • There are more colors to choose from for comments.
  • If you add a teacher as an Extra Examiner, the tests that you create will be visible to that teacher under the "Assigned" tab, in "Edit Exam".
  • The teacher to whom you share a sample will see it under the "Shared" tab, in "Edit exams".

New functionality 2019-11-30

  • Extra examiners now have access to shared rubrics.
  • It is no longer possible to attach a file to Geogebra.
  • Now several students can use the same file name for attached pictures, even though they have different pictures.
  • You can only select one security solution per exam event.
  • Lowercase letters have been removed in SEB's codes.
  • When correcting a question where the teacher gave students "No result", the question was not marked green. It is now fixed.
  • Extra examiners now have access to shared assessment rubrics.

New functionality 2019-11-19

  • Improved descriptions of the question types when choosing the question type.
  • We have made it possible to schedule the publication of hand-ins. In addition, the feature of publishing with different content has been improved.
  • Further improvements in assessment rubrics.
  • The sorting order in Grade exam has been changed so that the students are in alphabetical order.
  • If, as a teacher, you use Start Code then it will be displayed directly in Exam event together with the other codes, eg. SafeExamBrowser's login and logout codes.

New functionality 2019-11-09

  • Further improvements to the printing of the preview sample.
  • Index documents for archiving of national exams have been produced.
  • Opportunity to publish results with different choices about what to publish. I.e Publish results without publishing the questions, publish only results and assessment, result only assessment.
  • We have removed all characters that are easy to mix in SafeExamBrowser's login and logout codes. E.g. 0 and O.
  • Extra schools are shown in alphabetical order when switching between schools.

New functionality 2019-10-27

  • Improved encryption of download Hand-in file
  • Further improvements in functionality linked to assessment matrices.
  • Update of Microsoft Immersive Reader that is activated by adding an information block to an exam.
  • Opportunity for student / pupil to upload files in Geogebra in locked mode is removed.
  • Enhancements to the teacher's print function to print a sample in paper format. Further improvements are planned.
  • Improvements in the print function of student submissions. Further improvements are planned.

New functionality 2019-10-19

  • New feature for printing exams: the teacher can now print exams to enable some students to complete exams on paper.
  • Improvement of assessment matrix: this delivery means that teachers can now share assessment matrix with each other. Further improvements in functionality for assessment matrix are planned
  • Functionality for archiving national samples digitally: it is now possible to search out exams to save them for digital archiving. This feature is available to administrators.
  • Improvements in layout of PDFs. Further improvements are planned.

New functionality 2019-08-06

  • Customization and introduction of the latest version of SafeExamBrowser version for Windows computers. This means that the latest version, 2.2.3, of SEB now works with Dugga. When a student downloads SEB from the student interface, it is 2.2.3 that is downloaded. No uninstallation of previous versions of SEB is required. We have also made sure that the previous version 2.1.8 (1) works simultaneously with the new version during a transitional period. We will phase out the old version this fall, announcement of the exact release date will be revealed later.
  • The problems that previously existed when, as a teacher used proctors in an exam. Has been solved. For example, there was the problem with the roles the user specified as a proctor needed to have.
  • The functionality for creating and uploading a rescue file has been simplified and improved, especially with iPads and Chromebooks. In addition, we have fixed so you can create and upload sample rescue files even during account less use.
  • When creating PDFs of an exam that contains essay questions, the number of words and characters that the student has written in each essay question is now displayed.
  • Functionality for archiving PDFs at the organizational level.
  • Functionality for creating a PDF for all submissions of one exam, this way it is easier to print all submissions in one go.
  • Layout in PDFs has been improved, line spacing, page break, margins, student name / submission ID, etc
  • Improved performance of creating and downloading a ZIP files of PDFs.
  • There have previously been problems with opening, copying and editing a shared exam, this has been fixed.
  • There have been occasional missing spaces in essay questions, this has been fixed.
  • Occasionally, it has not been possible to mark text when grading exams in certain paragraphs, in essay questions, this has been fixed.
  • In the "ongoing exam" view, it has previously been possible to unlock individual students 'exams, we have now added functionality so that the teacher / writing guard can unlock all participants' exams with the push of a button. This is to facilitate the handling of teachers in tests that are carried out over several different times.
  • In the "Grade Exams" view, it is now possible to mark all exams that has been graded with the push of a button. To facilitate manual grading of national exams.
  • Improvements to spell checking. (If you find spelling suggestions that are incorrect or strange, we are grateful if you let us know so we can fix it)
  • Improvements to the "Mark" question type. Blanks that come with marking before and after words are removed both in the teacher interface and the student interface. It is possible, via a check box, to determine that students will see how many words in the text should be highlighted. If the student marks more words than the teacher has marked then the student will get minus points, you can never get less than 0 points on a question.
  • It was previously associated with problems changing languages from Arabic to Swedish, the error was fixed.
Created by Fabian Åkesson on 2020/03/23 13:45