1. Click on the button "Publishing of results".

2. Choose hos much information of the exam that should be published.

3. Choose the hand-ins to publish.

4. Clisk on "Save".

A. Click on "Download PDF", to create a PDF for all hand-ins.

B. Create double line spacing on the PDF printed. Only valid for Essay-answers. Makes it easier to do comments between the sentences, when gradeing manually.

C. If you tick this box, an e-mail will be sent to those who have completed the exam, that it has been published.

D. Here is it possible to decide a date and time when the exam should be published.

  1. Publish

When you have published, you see it under "Publish" (in green below). There is also alternative of information that is published.vilket publiceringsalternativ man valt.

  1. Shows how much information of the exam that is published