In order to take an exam, assignment or similar the student should start by logging into Dugga.

For schools using Dugga Advanced - stand alone platform
Ask your students to go to and then click on "Login" in the upper right corner. The students can also go to login page directly by writing in their web browsers.
The student will now come to the login page. Ask your students to insert username (email address) and password and then the press the login button. After clicking the login button the students will be logged into Dugga.

If there is an exam event that is about to start the students will see these under "upcoming exams". Ask your students to click on the "exam icon" to start the exam.

For schools using Dugga Premium - integrated with Teams (or other platform)

Your school admin should have made it possible for students to access Dugga's Teams app. If not, pleas ask your students to download Dugga's Teams app.
When your students have access to Duggas Teams app then they just click on it to activate Dugga. If you have created an exam event then the students will see the exam event in the Teams calendar.
Ask your students to click on the exam event and then they will automatically be redirected into Dugga's test environment and they will see "upcoming exams". Ask your students to click on the "exam icon" to start the exam.

The student takes the test and when he or she is done, please ask them to submit their test. You should always ask your students to submit their tests themselves when the time is coming to an end so that they get a more pleasant experience from using Dugga. 

In the video clip below you can see how to take a test in Dugga. 


Created by Markus Silwander on 2021/04/07 14:04