1. Click on the button "Lock results and anonymize" in the left margin(1).

2. Select the grade scale to be used for grading.

3. Tick the hand-ins that will receive a grade. If all hand-ins are to be graded, tick the top box (circled in green).

4. Click on "Save".

5. Now all hand-ins have been locked and at the same time they are de-anonymised. This means that you see the student's name and the hand-in number.

  1. Lock and de-anonymize

Here are examples of grade scales to choose from.

  1. Choose grade scale

If you want to change the grade requirements, you do so in the respective box for points.

When you have adjusted the *Points, then select the hand-in/s(1)and click on "Save"(2)

  1. Change the *Points in the grade scale