Dugga QTI Bank (BETA)
The Dugga QTI Bank provides the possibility for school admins to import questions from other QTI based exam platforms into Dugga. 
This means that teachers can have their questions / exams reused in our platform.

Note; Dugga QTI Bank (BETA) is not widely accessibile at this current moment. Please send out a request to our support in case you are interested.

Import questions in Dugga and assign it to your teacher(s)

  1. Request Dugga QTI Bank access through our support
  2. Create a new account by registering within Dugga QTI Bank
  3. Click on the confirmation link that is sent to your email. Note that you email must be known in Dugga as well. You can now login.
  4. Navigate to Files/Import file
  5. Click on browse and select the QTI export file from your computer/device.
    1. The import file must meet the following criteria to ensure a successful upload in Dugga:
      1. QTI 2.1 standard 
      2. No HTML elements
      3. Single ZIP-formatted file
  6. The QTI bank gives the option to fill in the Exam title, Description, Literature, Code and ISBN number. The default values from the export file will be used in case you leave these fields empty during import.
  7. Click on “Import” to start the import process.  A success message should appear within a matter of seconds!

Troubleshoot  by using the in-built validation feature

The Dugga QTI bank complies with the QTI 2.1 standard.  Export files that are provided by admins - through exports from other legacy examination platforms - must follow the same rule set. Unfortunately there are cases known in which export files are corrupted by code inconsistencies or forbidden characters.

The QTI bank’s inbuilt validation feature is designed to deal with such cases and serve 2 purposes:

  1. Prevention of importing exams that can potentially harm the Dugga examination platform
  2. Informing the administrator (the person who uploads the export files) about the actual faults, so that the information can be reported to the legacy examination platform.