To create an exam in Dugga is rather straightforward.

Click on "New" in the menu bar - upper left.
Fill in the mandatory field which is "Name of exam / lesson / assignment". Select any other option that you want to
The rest of the information can be left or edited later.
The easiest way to get going with creating tests in Dugga is to have a look at the video clip below.


  • Open the video in Youtube to navigate to the exact time frames.
    0:10 Create exam, 0:20 Essay, 0:51 MCQ, 1:19 Correct answer, 1:51 Glossary, 2:26 Math, 2:45 Match, 3:12 Click text, 3:46 Right place, 4:33 Order, 4:58 Mark, 5:26 Fill gap, 5:51 Gap menu, 6:50 True false, 7:34 Geogabra, 8:12 Add examination data (exam event), 8:27 Select a group and/or students, 8:37 Allow students to attend a exam with a code, 8:57 Setting exam + security options.
  • Change the speed settings in Youtube in case you want to lower the pace


Created by Markus Silwander on 2021/04/07 14:04