To create an exam in Dugga is rather straightforward.

Click on "New" in the menu bar - upper left.
Fill in the mandatory field which is "Name of exam / lesson / assignment". Select any other option that you want to
The rest of the information can be left or edited later.
The easiest way to get going with creating tests in Dugga is to have a look at the video clip below.


  • Open the video in Youtube to navigate to the exact time frames.
    0:10 Create exam, 0:20 Essay, 0:51 MCQ, 1:19 Correct answer, 1:51 Glossary, 2:26 Math, 2:45 Match, 3:12 Click text, 3:46 Right place, 4:33 Order, 4:58 Mark, 5:26 Fill gap, 5:51 Gap menu, 6:50 True false, 7:34 Geogabra, 8:12 Add examination data (exam event), 8:27 Select a group and/or students, 8:37 Allow students to attend a exam with a code, 8:57 Setting exam + security options.
  • Change the speed settings in Youtube in case you want to lower the pace
  1. Create exam

1. Click on "New" (1) in the upper menu bar.

2. Fill in "Name for exam / assignment / lesson (2)
3. Fill in “Type of grading” (3).

In "Type of assessment", you choose whether the test / lesson / assignment is to be assessed with a points or assessment matrix.

4. Click on "Create" (4)

The other fields shown in the image are not mandatory to fill in but are extra functions that you can use. These are described in more detail in other sections of the wiki page.

  1. Add question

Now you come to where you create your questions.

1. Choose the type of question that best suits the question you want to create.
2. Here you write your question. Feel free to insert tables, pictures, audio and video.
3. Enter points to the question. Make sure there are points on the question, otherwise it is not possible to save the question.
4. Click "Save and Continue Editing" to continue editing the query.
5. Click "Save and create a new question", if you continue and create a new question. In that case, repeat steps 1-3.
More information about the different question types can be read here.

A. Here you can preview the exam and how it looks for the student.
B. Here you can also click to add a new question to the exam.
C. Add an Information Block here. For example, if you want to give any information to the students about the exam.
D. Here you will find questions that all teachers have created at the school you are active in.
E. Click here to schedule the exam with start time, end time, invited students and more.
F. Here you select word or character limit. This so that the student can not write more characters / words than you allow.
G. Here you choose spelling, manual or automatic, for different languages.
H. Tick this box if the students are allowed to draw a figure / picture for the answer.

Assessment matrix with points.

When using an assessment matrix with points, you need to enter the maximum score for the assessment area for each question in the test.

  1. Enter the maximum score for an assessment area in the matrix

If you use several assessment areas for a question, you must enter the maximum score for each assessment area.

  1. Maximum points given for all assessment areas in the matrix