1. Figure 1 Full screen mode

Xit-CheckTM is a security function integrated in Duggas platform. Xit-CheckTM works with all types of digital devices (Windows PC, Mac OS X, IOS, Chrome OS) and doesn’t lock down students’ computers but enables execution of exams on a regular browser. Instead of locking down devices with codes, Xit-CheckTM is used to control if students are located inside or outside the test environment.

The “test environment” means the active window where the test is taken by the student. If the students are outside the test environment, the time they find themselves outside the test will be measured, recorded and displayed in the "Ongoing exam" overview so that you as a teacher can see which students have possibly unduly left the test environment. Of course, the fact that a student has left the test environment can also be a result of the teacher having urged the students to search for information outside the test or task they’re doing.

If a participant has left the test environment, a red triangle is shown in the Ongoing exam-menu. You’ll also be able to see and be informed about this when correcting/ grading the students’ tests. It will also say how much time the student has spent outside of the test. This means that you as a teacher can enter eg that students can be outside of the test for a limited amount of time.

Xit-Check™ was earlier called “Monitoring”, but because the name could be misleading to users about which function it was, the name was changed.

For Xit-Check™ to work optimally, you should ask your pupils to set their web browser to full screen mode. On eg PC computers with Windows, you ask the students to press the function key F11 or click the three dots at the top right in the web browser Google Chrome and then on the full screen symbol (see picture).

This is so that they don’t accidently click out of the test and get registered as having left the page. It’s also advantageous to ask students to shut off all other programs and notifications that could disturb the exam or be falsely registered as leaving the test window.

Note that when a student leaves the window, they’ll also get a notification

in the form of a pink information page covering their browser window and indicating that "Please do not leave the test page. Your teacher will receive a note."


Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 11:22