Take-a-Test is an application for locked mode which can only be used for the operating system Windows 10 S Special Edition. This solution should thus not be used for any other Windows- operating systems. Because Windows 10 S Special Edition is the OS being used, this solution is only aimed at special PC computers. Before you choose to use Take-a-Test, you need to make sure that this is a solution that works together with the students’ computers and other software.

Observe that you shouldn’t use Take-a-Test if your students use any other version of Windows than the one listed above.

When using Take-a-Test, a locked-down mode is achieved, which means that the software automatically locks down the students' computers or digital devices so that they cannot deviate from the test environment during ongoing tests unless they then simultaneously submit the test they deviate from.

This requires the teacher who created the exam to activate Take-a-Test, by checking the box for Take-a-Test when a test occasion is made in Dugga.

The version of Take-a-Test that Dugga uses has special qualities and cooperates with the operating system in the digital device. A sufficient version of Take-a-Test should be integrated with the student's operating system if it has the correct version of Windows.

Beyond Take-a-Test, there are also other web browsers that can be used to do tests created in Dugga in locked mode, eg:

If you do a test with any of Duggas solutions for locked mode (Safe Exam Browser​, Respondus, Take-a-Test​ or Duggas Chromebook-app) you can, as an extra safety measure, make another test occasion (based on the same test) as a backup. You can give this test to students that possibly can’t use Take-a-Test​, or are having other trouble with their digital devices. For the backup- test occasion, you choose Xit-Check™ as a security solution.

(See the page for Xit-Check™)

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 11:19