1. Logged into Dugga

  2. Security tab

  3. Download SEB

This information applies to students who are local administrators for their computers/ digital devices och can download software themselves. If the students aren’t local administrators, you have to "suspend" the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) using the MSI file or corresponding. Contact Dugga to obtain information about how to handle MSI-files. In cases where students aren’t local administrators on their iPads, SEB is made available by the central admin. To make sure students always have the right version of Safe Exam Browser (SEB), this application is provided directly in Dugga.

To install SEB, ask the students to log in to Dugga and then download the right version by clicking on “Security” and “SEB”.

  1. The student is logged into Dugga. See Figure 1
  2. Click on “Security”, and then “Safe Exam Browser”. See Figure 2
  3. Click on the right button/ alternative to download SEB. See Figure 3
  4. After that, follow the instructions to install Safe Exam Browser on your digital device.
  5. Done!


Download SEB MSI-file

Below is a link to MSI-files for the schools that where the students devices is handled by the organisation/school IT-department.

SEB 3.3.0 requires the prerequisites listed below in order to work correctly. These are automatically installed with the setup bundle and need only be manually installed when using the MSI packages.

SEB version
Win 64 bitars standard for Win

Win 32 bitars

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