1. Figure 1 Error message when Safe Exam Browser is not installed on a PC with Windows 10

Safe Exam Browser is a web browser that you can use to complete tests created in Dugga in so-called locked mode on digital devices such as Windows PC, Mac OS X and iPad IOS. Locked mode means that the software automatically locks down students computers/ devices, so that they can’t leave the exam environment during ongoing tests. This provided that the teacher who made the exam occasion has activated Safe Exam Browser, which is done by ticking the box for SEB when creating a test in Dugga.

The version of Safe Exam Browser used by Dugga is unique and can be downloaded from Dugga. That’s why it’s important that students only download the version that they can find while logged into Dugga. The right version of Safe Exam Browser is always available for users when you’re logged in to Dugga.

When choosing Safe Exam Browser, login and logout codes are generated which are needed to log in and log out of SEB. These codes are shown adjacent to test occasions you create and it’s good to note these in the event of forgetting your device/ not having access to a computer during the test. This is so you can give the codes to your students when starting or ending the exam. These codes are also shown under the ongoing exam menu.

Safe Exam Browser can be distributed and installed on the students’ computers in the shape of MSI-files. More information about Safe Exam Browser can be found here

Beyond Safe Exam Browser, there are also other web browsers that can be used to do tests created in Dugga in locked mode, eg:

If you do a test with any of Duggas solutions for locked mode (Safe Exam Browser​, Respondus​, Take-a-Test​ or Duggas Chromebook-app) you can, as an extra safety measure, make another test occasion (based on the same test) as a backup. You can give this test to students that possibly have forgotten to install Safe Exam Browser beforehand, or are having other trouble with their digital devices. For the backup- test occasion, you choose Xit-Check™​ as a security solution.

(See the page for Xit-Check™).


  1. Figure 2 Error message when opening Safe Exam Browser with wrong settings.

Always download the correct version of Safe Exam Browser here

Some students may have trouble with opening and launching Safe Exam Browser and could have gotten the error message you see here:

This can happen when SEB isn’t installed/ configured in the right way. To fix the problem you must do the following:

  1. Click on the start button/ Windows button in the bottom left corner in Windows.
  2. Scroll to the folder “Safe Exam Browser” and click on it (do NOT click on the program Safe Exam Browser, or it will launch).
  3. Click on the icon “SEB Config Tool”
  4. A new window will open, SEB Config Tool
  5. Click on “Revert Settings” in the top menu (placed between “File” and “Use settings”)
  6. Click on “Default Settings”
  7. Click on “File” and then “Save Settings” and after that “exit”

This small procedure should solve the issue with “Create New Desktop”, which is caused by improper settings in SEB.

  1. You can also do as in this picture

    Figure 3 How to correct to the right settings in Safe Exam Browser.

    Bring out “SEB Config Tool” which is described in steps a - c. Click on the file “Security” and then on “Create New Desktop”. After that, the problem should be solved.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 09:37