Respondus LockDown Browser is a "lockdown" web browser that you can use to complete tests created in Dugga in high security mode on digital devices such as Windows PC, Mac OS X and Chromebooks. Lockdown mode means that the software automatically locks down students computers/ devices, so that they cannot leave the exam environment during ongoing tests. To activate Respondus Lockdown Browser the teacher who schedule the exam event has to activate Respondus, which is done by ticking the check box for Respondus when creating a test in Dugga.

The version of Respondus that is used by Dugga is unique, and can only be downloaded through Dugga - from inside the students' Dugga interface (when the student is logged into Dugga). That’s why it’s important that students only download the version they can find when logged into Dugga. The right version of Respondus is always available to users when logged into Dugga.

In addition to Respondus, there are also other web browsers that can be used to do tests created in Dugga in lockdown mode, eg:

If you do a test with any of Duggas solutions for locked mode (Safe Exam Browser, Respondus​, Take-a-Test or Duggas Chromebook-app) you can, as an extra safety measure, make another test occasion (based on the same test) as a backup. You can give this test to students that possibly have forgotten to install Respondus beforehand, or are having other trouble with their digital devices. For the backup- test occasion, you choose Xit-Check™ as a security solution.

(See the page for Xit-Check™)

  1. Figure 1 Download Respondus

Usage - find Respondus in Dugga

Always download the correct version of Respondus here

Respondus is used as one of several solutions for locking down digital devices. To download Respondus, the student clicks on “Respondus LockDown Browser” and then chooses to download Respondus for Windows PC or Mac OS X. See Figure 1. To install Respondus for Chromebooks, please contact

Common concerns/ questions

A commonly asked question is which differences there are between Respondus and Safe Exam Browser. The main difference is that Respondus can be used by pupils/ students without the need of a "log in" or "logout" code. This is usually perceived as Respondus being a little easier to use than SEB. Otherwise, Respondus and Safe Exam Browser maintain an equivalent level of security.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 11:17