Duggas Chromebook App works like a browser that is especially made to perform testing in locked mode with Dugga. Duggas Chromebook app is intended for testing on Chromebooks and the operating system Chrome OS. Locked mode means that Duggas Chromebook app automatically locks down the students Chromebook laptops so they can’t leave the test environment during an ongoing exam. To active usage of Duggas Chromebook app, the teacher that created the test occasion should check the box for the lockdown alternative “Require Duggas Chromebook app”. The version of the app used by Dugga is unique, and can only be downloaded from Duggas website or the Chrome Web Store.

It’s important that students only install the version provided by Dugga. The correct version of Duggas Chromebook app is always available for users when logged into Dugga.

Beyond Duggas Chromebook app, there are also other web browsers that can be used to do tests created in Dugga in locked mode, eg:

If you do a test with any of Duggas solutions for locked mode (Safe Exam Browser​, Respondus​, Take-a-Test​ or Duggas Chromebook-app​) you can, as an extra safety measure, make another test occasion (based on the same test) as a backup. You can give this test to students that possibly have forgotten to install the app beforehand, or are having other trouble with their digital devices. For the backup- test occasion, you choose Xit-Check™​ as a security solution.

(See the page for Xit-Check™​)


Find instructions for installing Duggas Chromebook app directly in Dugga

Always download the right version of the app by clicking here

Click on this link to watch a short video.

  1. 4. Manage kiosk Applications

Centrally administered Chromebook
If your Chromebook is managed by the school, the app must be installed by the school's IT manager. 

How to install the Dugga app for Chromebooks
The following instructions describe how to install the Dugga app with Chrome Device Management.

1. Log in to the Google Suite Admin Console at https://admin.google.com
2. Select "Device manager" and then "Chrome manager" under Device settings.
On the next screen, select "Device Settings" and then scroll down to the "Kiosk Settings" section.
4. Select the link "Manage kiosk Applications".

  1. Apps

5. Select "Chrome Web Store" and enter the Dugga app ID: ljnfgjhejdmdlkaknldamfmojigcbgdc and press enter. When the Dugga app appears, select "Add" and then "Save". The Dugga app now appears on the sign-in page for managed Chromebooks.
The student experience
Students can start WebLock by selecting "Dugga" from the "Apps" shortcut on their login screen.

When the Dugga app starts, the login page is displayed and the student can log in and navigate to the exam.
During an exam, the student will be locked into the exam environment until the exam is submitted for grading.
Once the exam is complete, the user must restart their Chromebook (or sign out) to complete the exam completely.

Un-administered Chromebook

If your Chromebook isn’t managed by the school, then you can install the Dugga app yourself!

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the Chromebook’s owner account. The owner account is the first account that was used on your laptop.
  2. Copy the following code: ljnfgjhejdmdlkaknldamfmojigcbgdc
  3. Open Google Chrome and write  chrome://extensions  in the address field or search bar.
  4. Mark the box “Developer Mode” in the top right corner.
  5. Click on the button “Manage kiosk applications”. If the button is missing, check if you’ve marked Developer Mode. If you have, and the button still isn’t visible, it means that your Chromebook is managed by your school - in that case ask the school’s IT department and ask them to install the app for you.
  6. Paste the code you previously copied to the specified field and press enter or click the "Add" button.
  7. Dugga should now pop up in the window. You can now log out and start the app!

Duggas Chromebook app maintains an equally high level of security as other security solutions that are linked to Dugga's test platform.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 11:18