1. Order

The question type “Order” can be presented vertically or horizontally for the student depending on whether you check in the box "Use vertical layout" or not. In this question type, enter the correct order by filling in two or more words, numbers or other objects in the small text editors, see the figure. In the example in the figure, the correct scheme for four numbers has been specified by the teacher. The pupil's task is to arrange the speech in the same order to get points for the correct answer. You can add or remove answer options if you want.

This question type can also be used, for example, to arrange words in the correct order or a number of pictures describing the order of a particular process or the like. In default mode, "Use vertical layout" is not explained, which means that the student sees the options presented horizontally. The various objects that the student should arrange are thrown automatically in disorder of the system so that the student can drag and drop the objects until they end up in the right order.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 09:24