1. Mutliple Choice Question

In case of multiple-choice questions, enter your question or statement in the text field and then specify possible answer options. You can specify one or more correct answer options.

In default mode, letters for the answer options A, B, C, D etc. are used. You can also select numbers or Roman numerals if you want. Add more answer options by clicking on the "Add more" button or you can remove the answer options by clicking on the garbage bin that you see at the far right of the figure. If you want, click on the option "Random order on the answer options" This means that for student number 1, for example, answer option D is the correct answer, while for student 2, answer option A is correct. The purpose of randomization is to make it harder to look at each other and cheat. This also means that as a teacher you cannot refer to answer alternatives A, B, C ... etc. when using randomization. If you want to be able to refer to certain answer options in the question itself, do not click on the "Random order ...". When finished, click save and add a new question.

If there is only one correct answer option on a multiple-choice question, you get the point that you specified if you answer correctly. If there are two or more correct answer options, points are allocated for each correct answer. For example, if you clicked for two answer options like "right answer" and you have given 6 points on the question, the student gets 3 points for each correct answer. If there are three answer options that are right, the student gets 2 points for each correct answer etc.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 09:02