1. Mark

“Mark” is a question type that can be used to mark parts of a text, such as words or numbers. Start by writing a clear instruction to the students about what they should mark in the text you include. It is often advantageous if you make a separation between the instruction and the text as they should make the markings by adding one or two line breaks with the Enter key on your computer.

In the example in the figure, the teacher has given the instruction "Mark the verbs in the following short sentences:". Then three short sentences follow and the teacher has marked the three verbs that the student should mark in order to get everyone right on the question. The easiest way to work with the question type is to type in or copy a text and then mark the words, numbers or the like to be marked. You make the markings by clicking with the mouse on, for example, a word and then the small selection tool pops up which has a green check mark and a red cross. After selecting the word, click on the green check mark and the word will be highlighted. If you want to deselect a word that you have selected, select this word again and click on the red cross. Then the selection disappears.

In one and the same question you can give several instructions and have several text sections where words, numbers and the like should be marked. For example, in the example below you could continue with further instructions and sentences that you add and ask the students to mark nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. Note that it is important that you give clear instructions so that the students do not get confused and thus do not know what they should mark to be able to give a correct answer. Note also that it is important that you inform the students that they should mark exactly the word, speech etc. that you have marked otherwise, automatic correction cannot be performed. For example, if a student has marked a word and a space, no points are given automatically, then you need to correct it manually to determine if the student should receive a score or not for the answer given (the marking).