1. Gap Menu

The question type “Gap Menu” works like “Fill Gap”, with the difference of the student now choosing the missing word from a menu with different options, instead of writing it in themselves. See the figures.

You work with the question type in the same way, and make markings by clicking on eg a word, symbol or number. Then the small selection tool pops up with a green check mark and a red cross. After marking the word you click on the green check mark and the word is selected. If you want to unmark a marked word, you mark it again and click on the red cross. Then the selection disappears.

Just like the question type Fill Gap, a separate editor turns up which you can move around on your screen and place somewhere you find appropriate. When you’ve marked a word, number or the like, this word will appear in the separate editor. There you can add the different answer alternatives, the the example in the figure.

If you want to delete a word or an alternative, you click on the trash can. When you’re done with your Gap Menu question, you click on save and continue with the next question.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 09:25