1. Fill Gap

The question type "Fill Gap" is very similar to the question type “Mark”. You work with the question type in the same way and make markings by clicking with the mouse on eg a word, symbol or a number and then the small selection tool pops up which has a green tick and a red cross. After selecting the word, click on the green check mark and the word will be highlighted.

If you want to deselect a word that you have selected, select this word again and click on the red cross. Then the selection disappears. The difference between “Fill Gap” and the “Mark” question type is that in the slot text query type, another editor pops up that you can move around on the screen and place in a place that you find appropriate.

When you have selected a word, number or the like, this word will appear in the separate editor, see the box with grayish upper edge to the left in the figure. This makes it easier for you to keep track of all the words your luck text question consists of.

As shown in the figure, you can also add options that can be scored individually. If you want to delete a word or option, click on the garbage bin and the word will be deleted. When you finish your question, click save and continue with the next question.

When working with the “Fill Gap” type, it can often be good to help the students and give them clues so that they get an indication of what word or similar they are expected to write on the empty line that the question automatically generates. An example of how this can be done is to write the searched word (the luck word) in its basic form. It can look like this, for example. ”Anna is the fastest in the class. She _______ (run) the fastest. ”In the example in the previous sentence, the word “run” has been added in brackets directly after the word the students are expected to write. This avoids students using incorrect synonyms or alternatives when filling in the Fill Gap questions.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 09:25