1. Correct Answer

For correct answer questions, type your question or statement in the text field and then enter the correct answer(s) in the text field below.

The example in the figure calls for another word for democracy. As the correct answer has been stated "People's Government" but more alternatives can be added. As you know, there is a distinction why it may be beneficial to state "People rule" if it is considered an acceptable answer that the student should score for. To the right in the figure is a colored eye, which indicates that the student will only see the word "Folkstyre" as the right answer when you get back his test.

If you click on the "eye" for the word "People rule", this answer alternative will also appear as the correct answer for the student. If you "click" the eye, the student will not see this as the correct answer.

The correct answer question also has a function in the correction mode, which means that you can add additional answer options that the student has entered and which you think should give points afterwards. You then add these new options when you rectify the issue. After you have added the options, click on "redo this issue" and everyone who has written this new option has been added to get points on the question. The purpose of this function is to later give the teacher an opportunity to add further answers that they might not have thought of when the test was created.

Created by Patrik Nilsson on 2019/06/25 09:21