Assignment is similar to Essay questions. The main difference is that if you click on the question type "assignment" then you can activate plagiarism analysis when scheduling your exam. You do this by clicking on the tab "Services" in the interface where you create and schedule an exam event. 

By using the assignment question type all other question types will disappear since it is only relevant to run plagiarism analysis on the assignment question type and no other question types.

How you use assignment
Write your assignment/question in the text field and then enter points. You can limit the maximum length if you want. You do this by specifying the number of words or characters the students can write. Using character limitation, it can be good to know that an A4 page corresponds to about 4500 characters. If you do not give any restriction, students can write as much as they want.

In connection with the assignment question type, it is possible to choose spellcheck, if desired, in the languages ​​Swedish, English, German, French, Dutch and Finnish. The punctuation function means that the student receives support with spelling in connection with, for example, a longer text being written.

In the editor where you write your assignment/question you can also add images, sounds and videos - you click on the icons for images and video/audio. Sound is preferably added as an external file by selecting "file" in the froala-editor which is used to write questions.

Lastly, enter the number of points that you think the assignment/question is worth. It is also possible to choose a grading matrix instead of points with associated assessment areas and criteria. When you have finished your assignment/question, click on "Save and add a question".