Now there is a function that a student can take a picture of what he has written / drawn on paper, and upload it into a question.
The teacher can then see the picture with the students answer to a question.

Here is an instruction on how to use the QR code function.


  1. Create a question, i.e Essay.
  2. Enter text in the question as usual.
  3. Enter points 
  4. Tick the box for the text ” Allow the student to upload pictures from the QR code reader”.
  5. Click on any of the "Save buttons".

Create an exam event as usual and fill in:
- Name
- Start time and end time
- Choose class or individuals
- Click on ”Save exam event”

  1. Create a question with possibility to upload a picture


- Log in to Dugga
- Click on the exam
- Start the exam

  1. Type something to make the question marked, Scan QR code

Start the QR code reader
Here is the sequenze for taking a picture and upload it to Dugga.(iPhone) It could be different depeneding on QR code reader.

  1. Click on

  1. Click on "Take a photo"

  1. Take a photo

  1. Click on "Use Photo"

  1. Click on "Upload"

  1. When the text above is visible, the picture is uploaded to Dugga."

  1. Click on 1 "Show recently uploaded pictures" to import the uploaded picture to the answer. Click on 2 "Save picture" to save the picture/s to the answer

  1. When the picture has been visible at the question and the text is visible in the top right corner, the pictures is saved to the question

1. Click on "Show recently uploaded pictures" to upload a picture to the answer for the question.
2. Enter a Title for the Photo, such as Photo 1
3. If the photo is inverted, use the rotate symbol to get the photo in the correct position.
4. With the magnifying glass it is possible to zoom the photo.
5. Click on the Trash bin to delete the photo.
6. When you have finished uploading the photo/photos, click on "Save photos"
7. When the student has finished the question / questions in the test, the student SHOULD click on "Submit"

Teacher - Grade

Below is what it looks like when grading a question with a photo to the answer.
Click the magnifying glass 1 to zoom in the photo.

  1. Grading of a question with a photo in the answer