Get going quickly with Dugga, and start creating different types of tests right away.

Dugga is an assessment platform that is really easy to use. Here below is a 10 minute video clip where you can see how to create digital exams using Dugga.

When you start using Dugga in your educational organization it is often good to follow these steps:

1) Start with small tests - and avoid rushing into big exams the first thing you do. Get familiar and comfortable with the platform as a first step. Do some small tests with a few questions and you do not necessarily need to use any security options for your first tests. With small tests and small steps you will reduce stress on yourself and on your students which is good for all parties.

2) We encourage you to try out our different question types little by little and not all at once.

3) Do not share exams/tests/assignments that you create on a routine basis. Share later on when you have created really good exams that you think will be good to share. 

4) Use our Dugga wiki to find information on different topics and sign up to our Youtube channel to learn more: Dugga's Youtube Channel 

5) Work together with colleagues and find inspiration together on how to do tests for your specific subject/s.

6) When you have conducted 3 - 4 tests in open mode then you may be ready to start using full "Lockdown" of your students' computers (Dugga works for BYODs* or devices provided by the school). When you think that you are ready to start using "Full Lockdown" then create a small test in Dugga, schedule an exam event and select Safe Exam Browser under the security tab at the bottom of the scheduling page. Ask your students to log in to Dugga and then click on "Security". Ask your students to download both Safe Exam Browser (SEB) and Respondus Lockdown Browser (then they have both solutions). Use the lockdown solution that you think is best for you (SEB is often a good one to start with). You can also use Dugga's Chromebook app. If your students cannot download these programs themselves (they may not have admin rights on their devices) then please contact our support and we will help you to install these solutions on their devices.

In order for you as a Dugga user to get the maximum benefit from the system, we have several videos you can use to get acquainted with how you use the test platform. Here you will find user films and information about the latest updates so visit this page regularly.  Once again, you can also visit and bookmark our Youtube channel here: Dugga's Youtube Channel

If you want to have some additional information about Dugga you can watch this Microsoft Webinar that provides some background to Dugga and also examples of how you can work with Dugga. Please click here: Microsoft Dugga Webinar

*BYOD = Bring Your Own Device, i.e. the students can use their own computers that they bring to school.

Take the opportunity and look at this video clip below on how to create an exam in Dugga and please share this video with your colleagues:

How to create an exam in Dugga

Dugga collaborates with several different partners to bring the best solution to your school. One of those

partners is Microsoft. Watch the video clip below to get to know more about how we work with our partners.